Green Vegetables :Juice Preservation

This year we have abundant green vegetables in our garden. We planted three types of Kale, lettuce, and Swiss Chard.  We eat a lot of salad, we mix it in stir-fry, we steam-cook, and we did some juicing, too. We got too much that we have to save them for later use. I froze some greens (after blanching it),  and saved some green juice as well. Nothing special, but I am sharing this DIY  food preservation with you.  Frozen Kale greens (juice) come handy whenever you want it in your smoothie or fresh juice.



Classification: Vegan

Good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, alkaline


Kale greens or mixed green vegetables (fresh)


Juicer set

Wraps, small containers, or ice cube tray for freezing.

Note: The ice candy/popsicle plastic wraps I used you can buy online or at an Asian market.


1. Wash Kale greens throughly. Check for bugs and bad spots.

2. Process in a juicer; stems and leaves. (Follow juicer instructions carefuly.)

3. Put the processed juice in a wrap or mold. Secure lids or packs.

4. Place packed Kale juice in a freezer.

Frozen Kale juice should be ready after 8 hours in the freezer. Mix it in fresh juice, smoothie. Keeps your drinks cool, too! Enjoy, and stay healthy!













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