Healthy Holiday Roast

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American friends. May you all enjoy a healthy, delicious meals with your loved ones! Here is a healthier version of a holiday loaf to replace your Turkey,

Recipes From Eden

To my dear friends who asked me for the vegan holiday roast I’ve made on Thanksgiving Day, here it is! This is actually my modified recipe of Holiday Roast from Vegan Flavorista blog. I doubled the amount of ingredients, added a few ingredients and flavor enhancers. The result? Yummy! My family and some of my friends who happened to taste it liked it too! It’s pretty easy to make. I’ve also named a few substitute flour for those that avoid wheat and gluten in their diet. This is a great meatless recipe for any special occasions!

Classification: Vegan vegetarian, can be wheat and gluten free

1. Pre-heat oven for 350*F (175*C).
2. In a pot put some water and bring it to simmer.

Stuffing Ingredients:

coconut oil – 1 TBspoon
onion – 1 cup
mushroom – 1 cup, chopped
(alternative to mushroom could be walnuts or peanuts – 4…

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