Fruity Ice Candy (homemade popsicle) :Filipino Style

We’re close to feeling the Summer heat soon! Summertime reminds me of my childhood place, Philippines… Not because of the heat but because it’s the time of the year that I enjoyed homemade refreshments a lot… From simple iced-water, to crushed ice scramble (the famous Pinoy halu-halo which I would be making also sometime later), street ice cream (sorbetes) and of course the iced candy!

A good way to satisfy that craving of mine is to make it (of course!). I hope that you too would find a better and wholesome way of hydrating yourself —by eating lots of fresh, watery fruits or by making healthy refreshments… Homemade is always the best! Why not make one for your family to enjoy?

Fruity Iced Candy (homemade popsicle) :Filipino Style

CLASSIFICATION: Vegetarian with Vegan option


ripe banana – 1
blueberries – 1/2 cup (fresh or frozen)
ripe hass avocados – 2
yellow ripe mangoes – 2
almond milk – 1 cup
organic condensed milk – 1 small can (option: sweetened almond milk and a little more sugar)
sugar to taste


1. Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high until smooth. If mixture is too thick, add a little bit of almond milk; if too watery, add an avocado or a banana. You would want your popsicle/iced-candy to be fruity flavor not watery and bland. Add sweetener if needed.

Note: You can make your own fruit combination using different fruits of your choice. Pineapple, kiwi, orange (juice), strawberry, etc.

2. Pour mixture in a Popsicle mold. I use iced candy wrap that I bought from Philippines (you can buy the “ice candy wrap” online or an Asian/Filipino store). Using a funnel pour the mixture into the plastic wrap and knot-tie the end.

3. Place the wrapped mixture in the freezer. Let it sit in the freezer for about 6 hours and it should be hard and ready to eat!

Tip: If you want your Popsicle to be soft like frozen yogurt or soft ice cream. You can add 1 tablespoon full of cornstarch into 3/4 cup cool water. Heat it up (but do not boil) until thickened. Add to the fruit mixture, then blend one more time. You may need to reduce the amount of almond milk to prevent the mixture from getting too watery.

Fruity Iced-Candy (homemade popsicle ) :Filipino Style

Fruity Iced-Candy (homemade popsicle ) :Filipino Style


5 thoughts on “Fruity Ice Candy (homemade popsicle) :Filipino Style

  1. chloe

    sa 2 liter water. ilan measure po ng cornstarch po ihalo na sakto lng na di nman po watery ang labas. first time ku pa po mag bizniz neto. try ku muna. chocolate oreo

    1. MCW on Recipes From Eden Post author

      Sorry ngayon lang ako naka pag reply. Ahh, bali sa 1 liter you can mix about 3 tablespoons full (add a little more if you want thicker consistency) of cornstarch. Tunawin mo sa half a cup of cool water bago mo ihalo sa 1 liter of water. Warm the mixture on medium heat to melt and cook the cornstarch and make a syrup consistency. Let it cool off some bago mo ihalo ang other ingredients. Then you can pour it into the wrapper. You will need at least 5-6 cornstarch for 2 liters water. Melt it in 2 cups of water (from the 2 liters of water). I hope this helps you.

  2. Maripat Dayag Hilario

    Hi gagawa kasi ako ng mango ice candy sa measuring cup gano kadami ilalagay ko na cornstrach?
    8 liters na water gagawin ko at pwede bang cream at condened milk ang gagamitin ko or mas makaka mura ako kong evaporada ang gagamitin ko..
    Pleade help me sa recipe ng mango ice candy na 8 liters of water wd cornstrach. Ok lng ba kong kunin ko ang fb acc mo,, mag business po kasi ako dito sa pilipinas,

    1. MCW on Recipes From Eden Post author

      Sure, pwede mo ako i-communicate thru FB Pasenxa na po kung ngayon lang ako naka pag reply. You can try 1/3 cup (or 3 tablespoons )of cornstarch kada liter. About 3 cups kung ihahalo mo sa 8 liters na mixture. Wag mong damihan sa umpisa ang paglagay ng cornstarch ky pag malapot masyado mahirap maadjust ang mixture mo, pero pwede mo dagdagan kung kinakailangan. Opo, pwede mo gamitin ang condensed milk, pero mas makaka mura ka yata kung evaporated milk ang gamitin mo, dadagdagan mo nlng ng white sugar. Ikumpara mo ang presyo ng condensed milk compared to evaporated+sugar. Sana makatulong ang tip ko. Let me know, you can ask questions, I will try to help you. Thank you!

    2. MCW on Recipes From Eden Post author

      Oh, I just want to emphasize na dapat pa konte-konte lang ilalagay mong cornstarch. I must mention that a gallon is not the same as liter, kasi mas konte lang ang liquid in a liter. Mas nasayan na ako sa per gallon measurement. Anyway, just put 1 and 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch pero liter. Tunawin mo sa cup with your ice candy mixture bago mo ihalo at lutoin. I hope this helps.


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