Bite-size Zucchini and Yellow Squash Pizza

We have lots of zucchini and straight-neck squash growing in our garden this year. My family loves squash…so to make a change of recipe I thought of making a bite-size pizza using the squash to replace the bread dough. This recipe is not new (but maybe to some of you) as there are other people who have made this recipe before. Typically you use zucchini squash in making this bite-size pizza, but in this recipe I use both zucchini and straight-neck, yellow squash. As you see in the photos I posted below the squashes are big… perfect for the size I wanted! I am not sure if other types of squash are okay to use because some squash are too soft and watery, and it might not hold the toppings as well, unlike zucchini and straight-neck squash —that’s something I would like to experiment next time ;-). Anyway, this recipe is very simple and sooo good! Want to try?!

Classification: Vegetarian


zucchini squash
straight-neck squash
marinara sauce or pasta sauce
shredded cheese (I prefer soy cheese but I used mild cheddar in this recipe)
salt to taste


1. Preheat oven to 350*F (175*F). Wash squash thoroughly. Cut squash (with peelings) in rounds, about half an inch thick.
2. Place cut squash in a oiled baking sheets.
3. Put toppings on top of squash rounds: pasta/marinara sauce (enough to fill the surface–make sure it doesn’t overflow), sprinkle some sea salt and shredded cheese. You may want to sprinkle some pepper if you want, but I did not put on mine, it still taste so yummy!
4. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Tadaaaah! It’s great as a side dish or light supper. Enjoy till the last bite!

Do not over-bake to avoid overcooking. For variations of toppings you can put tofu slices, veggie sausage, etc.






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