Why Soak Beans?

Is it really necessary to soak beans (black, red, white, soy beans, mung beans, any types of beans)? Is washing and rinsing several times and placing it in a slow cooking crackpot overnight not enough? Yes, it’s convenient to do it that way, but not necessarily the best way… And besides, soaked beans cook faster even when you cook it in regular pot with boiling water (Don’t put salt as it slows down the cooking/softening process. You can season it later). Ideal soaking time is about 24 hours. Overnight soaking is good. Eight hours is better than not soaking at all. 🙂

“Soaking beans for many hours before cooking them produces a lot of scum which is course, is rinsed and drained away when the soaking is complete. What is all that scum anyway? Anti-nutrients, that’s what! And those anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are going to be in your gut causing you gas, heartburn, reflux and whatever other digestive ills beset you when you eat something that isn’t particularly digestible unless you soak your beans before cooking them. Traditional cultures took great care to prepare their legumes with a long soak before cooking to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption. ”

Qoute from http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com


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