Raw Food – Detoxifying

Most people are used to eating cooked foods, I do too, to some extent. Did you know that it is best to consume 70 to 80 percent raw food a day for optimum health? Certain foods like beans, grains and legumes require cooking for humans to properly digest them. Raw foods on the other hand, don’t require cooking, and are significantly healthier that way. A raw foods diet typically consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and beans that haven’t been heated or cooked above a certain temperature, usually somewhere between 104*F (40*C) and 118 (47*C) degrees. Cooking destroys much of the natural enzymes and food nutrients that are essential to human health; without those enzymes, we are not getting the life-supporting benefits of our food. Our body naturally creates enzymes, but we can only do so much. “Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life.They are highly selective catalysts, greatly accelerating both the rate and specificity of metabolic reactions, from the digestion of food to the synthesis of DNA.” (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

There are a lot of benefits to eating raw; it helps us maintain a healthy body weight, boosts our energy level, increases mental clarity, helps fight chronic diseases, and even helps reverse chronic diseases, as well as it naturally detoxifies our bodies.

Obviously, the list of raw ingredients I have in this recipe is not a lot, because that’s the only available ingredients I have at the time when I made my raw food for lunch. When you prepare your own raw food, don’t hesitate to put more ingredients. One good reminder, is to be careful in mixing fruits and vegetables in your salad, especially the harder vegetables. Fruits digest quicker than vegetables, this causes the vegetables you ate to sit in your stomach and become fermented, causing bloating, acid reflux and indigestion. Should you choose to mix a little bit of fruits in your salad, you may mix it with green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and micro-plants like alfalfa sprouts to name a few, because greens are easier to digest. As per advice, it is best to eat fruits during breakfast when our stomach is still in an alkaline state (after the night rest), which aids in digesting fruits. During lunch, our stomach acid is stable enough to digest harder foods, including raw vegetables/foods. One important thing to remember is to choose organic produce if you can. 🙂


Celery stalks, diced
Black olives
Fresh parsley
Onion, diced
3 TBspoon of fresh lemon juice or more to taste
a dash of sea salt to taste


1. Wash thoroughly all fresh vegetables.
2. Cut into desired sizes.
3. Mix all ingredients with fresh lemon juice and sea salt.
4. Toss well before serving.

That easy! Enjoy healthy, raw eating!



4 thoughts on “Raw Food – Detoxifying

  1. Vangie

    Perfect guide…Can u pls. include best fruits, vegetables, food and drinks for chronic Achalasia disease…
    Thank u so much…
    greetings frm Holland

  2. MCW on Recipes From Eden Post author

    Hi Vangie, thank you for stopping by my food blog. I am sorry to hear your physical discomfort, as you mentioned you have chronic Achalasia. Unfortunately, medical doctors haven’t found the main cause of the disease yet, and what they usually do is give medical, temporary remedy to illnesses. But, don’t be sad, don’t loose hope. I believe that most human diseases are reversible and curable with natural, plan-based remedies. It may take time, but it’s worth the patience, faith and lots of determination. Even with my limited knowledge I highly suggest you go see a homeopathic doctor, if you haven’t done already, so your over-all health could be assessed; your emotional, mental, diet & nutrition, stress levels and some other factors. It’s optional, but having your vitamins and mineral level tested is worth than having a surgery and lifetime medical supplement with no guaranteed beneficial effect to your health.

    Taking pure vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs, along with plant-plant based diets ensure health and boost immunity since most produce in the grocery stores are depleted with nutrients, especially the non-organic ones. Juicing fruits and vegetables is the best way to help the nutrients get in your system quickly, since you have swallowing issues (and even advisable to everyone), at the same time it detoxifies you. Just sip the juice slowly. let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds so that saliva will mix with your juice/smoothie as it goes down in your stomach, which helps digestion. As far as I know, you don’t have to look for rare fruits and vegetables to eat. Whatever is common in your area and are cost-effective you can consume them. For JUICING, there is no specific rule not to combine fruits and vegetables because they will all be processed into liquid form, except for avocado and banana and the ones that are naturally soft. If you eat SMOOTHIE, which is blended fruits like banana, avocado, strawberry, and other fruits with some oatmeal and nuts, or just blended vegetables, it’s has a little texture but smooth. It will be easier for you to swallow as well.

    I would also advice you include Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed & unrefined) in your diet. You can start with 2 tablespoon a day, with or without food in your stomach. Or you can mix it with your smoothie (soft food). I cannot boost enough how much miracle there is in coconut oil/milk. It is one of those amazing, miracle plant with natural prevention and healing properties, that even people with Alzheimer’s and other neurological issues are advised to take extra virgin coconut oil… and amazingly, a lot of them has improved their health. I was reading an article of a man having Achalasia and he too was recommending extra virgin coconut oil for those that have Achalasia, because it helped him alleviate his swallowing issues.

    I have learned that there are other plant-based, natural guaranteed herbal remedy for Achalasia, which consists of (notice how most of them are natural ‘oil’ based):

    anise oil
    caraway oil
    eucalyptus oil
    pine oil
    thymol (a substance found in the Bee Balm/Monarda Didymus family of herbs…an antifungal/antiseptic and relaxant)
    and ginger tincture.

    I try to always remember the NEWSTART keyword for keeping my overall health. Which stand for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in divine power. I would like to give you lots of hope, that your physical condition will be cured with natural remedies. I have faith that you will be healed. My health is far from being perfect, but I too am doing my best to stay healthy as possible. I am praying for you 🙂

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