From Garden to Kitchen: Vege salad and Cooked Radish greens

Hi everyone! I was supposed to share with you this very simple recipe I had made several weeks ago after I did my first Spring greens harvest. Unfortunately, I got caught up with many things around the house — Spring time routine! Well, not much on the cleaning part inside the house but more on ‘outside work’; preparing the flower and vegetable garden beds, planting more seeds in the the seeding tray, weeding in the garden and under the mini-green house, and transplanting some seedlings into the garden. And because winter season didn’t want to leave just yet, we still get freezing cold at night… not good for growing spring greens and the tropical Bok Choi I planted. We had to cover our plants when the temperature at night is very low to protect them from frost, and remove the plastic cover in the morning.

Anyway, I planted some radishes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, green onions, spinach, rainbow swiss chard and a few other greens towards the later part of Fall, last year 2013 . It was late but I planted them, anyway. So it turned out that only the lettuce greens, radish, green onions and a few swiss chard survived the harsh winter, under the mini-greenhouse. Not too bad! I had to replant the ones I lost. Garden plants are happy now that it’s warming up again during the day so they can continue to grow and produce more fresh veggies. I made my first harvest around last week of March this year. I got lettuce, radish green, and green onions. Very soon I will be harvesting more radish roots and Bok Choi. Can’t wait to eat them!

Here’s what I did to my first harvest. I made fresh salad and cooked the radish greens. It’s my version of farmer’s delight 🙂 I could have added more vegetables to my salad, but that’s all I had available at that time. Very simple but satisfying! 🙂

RECIPES: Vegetable salad and Cooked Radish greens

Classification: Vegan


lettuce greens
green olive
carrots, diced
radish (roots), diced
celery, diced
lemon juice to taste
sea salt to taste


1. Wash and cut the vegetables according to the size you want.
2. Squeeze lemon juice. Sprinkle some sea salt.
3. Toss to coat before serving.


4-5 cups Radish greens (leaves), chopped
medium sized onion, diced
1 and 1/2 cup water
2-3 garlic cloves, diced
1/4 teaspoon kelp granules
salt to taste
green onions, diced (optional, as garnish)


1. Wash radish greens thoroughly. Chop.
2. In a pot put water, greens and the rest of the ingredients.
3. Cover and cook over medium heat until it’s soft (but not over-cooked).

Serve hot. Eat as a side dish or by itself.

TIP: Don’t waste the liquid. If you don’t consume it, use it as vegetable broth for your cooking that requires vegetable broth. Personally, I like to eat the cooked radish greens with the liquid.




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