Vegetarian Kebab

Making this recipe reminds me of our wedding celebration in the Philippines back in April of 2013. I wanted to have veggie kebab as one of our menus at the reception.  I thought it would go well with our tropical/Hawaiian wedding theme along with different kinds of yummy, local fruits I requested to have. This finger food is pretty neat,  and no doubt good, I think, as you get to taste different flavors from each serving. The only downside is (if you can call it that) it takes time to put those bite-size food onto the skewers. It is fun to make if you get help and you have all ingredients ready. Great for potluck and parties!

Veggie Kebab

Classification: Vegetarian

Good source of: fiber, protein and other vita-nutrients that’s found in each piece of vegetable/fruit you put. Check


pieces of fried mock-chicken (or fried/baked, marinated tofu)

pineapple chuncks


diced tomatoes

sliced peppers

inch length celery sticks

Note: you can use fruits too. 


1. Prepare fried mock-chicken or fried tofu (See ingredients for making vegetarian barbecue. Except, you don’t have to baste it with ketchup).

2. Slice vegetables/fruits according to your desired style.

3. Thread vegetables and fruits onto skewers. When you’re finished, cut in half a whole piece pineapple or watermelon and poke each skewers right onto the juicy/soft part of the fruit. You can also use flower foam or simply place in a platter.

Serving size varies.


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