It may look just like your ordinary salad as it is similar to ‘Taco salad’, but it’s more than just an ordinary salad, though – It’s Vegetable Haystacks! You can be adventurous by putting any kinds of veggies you like with it. If you want to stay trim, healthy and slim this recipe is for you. I love it too!


Classification: Vegan

Good source of:  (beans)  molybdenum,  folate,  fibercoppermanganesevitamin B1, phosphorus, proteinmagnesiumiron

*to know the nutrient content of the different vegetables you put in your Haystacks check  http://www.whfoods.com for more information.


Black beans (or any cooked/seasoned beans i.e., refried beans, chili beans)

Corn chips or tortilla chips



Lettuce (use shredded cabbage if greens are not available)

Green or black Olives



Red or Green Pepper

Soy Cheese (if not available, you can use Feta cheese or non-colored cheese)

*More vegetable Suggestions – Avocado, Corn, Spinach, cucumber, and many others. Just remember the size of your plate 😉


1. Dice/slice vegetables according to desired shapes.

2. Put corn chips first on the plate (You can have ‘seasoned’ cooked rice if corn chips’ not available).

3. Beans over corn chips and stack the rest of the vegetables. Sprinkle Soy cheese or drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Have a healthy feast!


* Soy Cheese is available at Natural health & food store. 


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